San Diego Episcopal Diocese wins appeal of Fallbrook case

A three-judge panel of the 4th District Court of Appeal reversed the decision of a lower court, which determined two years ago that the diocese failed to prove its case.

The civil lawsuit claimed that the leaders of what became St. John’s Anglican Church are not the legitimate officers because they are no longer Episcopalians. According to the lawsuit, new officers elected by members who did not break away from the congregation should have authority over the property.

Vista Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Stern disagreed in her November 2006 ruling.

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3 comments on “San Diego Episcopal Diocese wins appeal of Fallbrook case

  1. Irenaeus says:

    How significant is this decision? How does it relate to the questions now pending before the California Supreme Court?

  2. Statmann says:

    St John’s parish is a sad example of the neutron bomb approach. Destroy the people yet keep the buildings. In 2003 there were a bit more than 400 members; now (2007 data) there are 50. Statmann

  3. Branford says:

    St. John’s is the only former-ECUSA church that has two/i> lawsuits they are contending with – this one and the other property issue that is currently before the California Supreme Court (the L.A. churches and other San Diego churches are also parties to that one).