UPDATE: All THREE transcripts of ++Venables' messages

Cherie Wetzel of Anglicans United has very kindly sent us files of all three transcripts of ++Greg Venables’ Bible teachings to the Network Council meeting. Note these transcripts are in some cases more complete than what we posted yesterday.

Monday Afternoon: {filedir_4}Abp_Venables__1.doc
Scripture: Genesis 12. Theme: The Example of Abraham. Leaving his land, giving up Ishmael, willing to give up Isaac.

Tuesday Morning: {filedir_4}Abp_Venables__2.doc
Scripture: Joshua 1. Theme God’s Commission to Joshua.

Tuesday Afternoon: {filedir_4}Abp_Venables__3.doc
Scripture: 1 Peter 4:12; James 1:2; 2 Cor 11:21 ff; Mt. 11:25-30. Theme: Count it all joy.

These are Microsoft Word Documents that you can either open and view online, or download to your computer. Note these files contain only the transcripts of Venables’ teachings. Other commentary on the meetings has been deleted.

Enjoy. And do read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest these wonderful teachings! We’ll post another update when Kevin K. has the cleaned up versions of the audio files posted.

P.S. Yes, Gregory Venables’ official title is Presiding Bishop. I’ve not edited Cherie’s transcripts or her file names where she uses the title Archbishop. Sorry. Better things to do with my time.


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12 comments on “UPDATE: All THREE transcripts of ++Venables' messages

  1. Lapinbizarre says:

    One more time – “Presiding Bishop Venables”. Why the apparent need of many to “promote” the good bishop? Have yet to see any reference to “Archbishop” Jefferts-Schori.

  2. Grandmother says:

    See, I told ya so…….. LOL
    Grannie Gloria

  3. Sue Martinez says:

    #1, I find it rather odd that you’ve seen fit to make this point twice. He is commonly called “Archbishop” all over the place, even if his official title is Presiding Bishop. Gregory Venables is Primate of the Southern Cone, as well as Bishop of N. Argentina. As such, he holds the rank of archbishop, [i]as does KJS,[/i] even though it’s customary to call her “Presiding Bishop” in this country.

    By Googling “Archbishop Gregory Venables” I found 18,000+ entries, including Louis Crew’s website, the Global South Anglican, and the BBC, as well as the major reasserter websites, including this one. He was introduced by Bishop Duncan at the ACN Council meeting on Monday afternoon as “our dear friend, Archbishop Greg Venables. . .” when he asked him to present his first Bible teaching and was not corrected.

    Oh, yes, and he’s also referred to as “archbishop” on the Diocese of Northern Argentina’s website.

    Question: Are you now going to go to all of these sites and people and insist that he be “demoted”? Will you demand that ++Venables correct each person who calls him that–including other bishops and his own diocese’s mission website? http://www.argentinamissions.org/first.html

    Why don’t you use your time more wisely than beating up on [i]Anglicans United,[/i] who have generously provided us with the transcripts of his teachings?

  4. The_Elves says:

    Thank you Sue! 😉

  5. Lapinbizarre says:

    Actually I’ve made the point more than twice, it being a very common error and one which P.B. Venables surprisingly does nothing to correct. The Anglican Communion web-page (http://www.anglicancommunion.org/tour/diocese.cfm?Idind=531&view=alpha)
    terms him “Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone”. With a province of containing somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 communicants, total, this would seem an appropriate title.

    I fail to see what Anglicans United has to do with this.

  6. Sue Martinez says:

    One last time. You, lapinbizarre, objected so strenuously to Anglicans United’s Cherie Wetzel calling ++Venables “Archbishop” that you complained [i]twice[/i] about it. I think I proved that even though his official title within his province is “Presiding Bishop,” he is commonly called by just about everyone (except you) “Archbishop,” which is his rank as a Primate of the Anglican Communion. People will continue to call him “Archbishop” no matter what you say!

    ‘Nuf said.

  7. Mike L says:

    Perhaps he has bigger issues on his mind than a small error in title.

  8. plainsheretic says:

    Why is this Presiding Bishops voice considered over some of our own. Here are the numbers and info on his province from wikipedia:
    “The Provincia Anglicana del Cono Sur de América (Spanish for: Anglican Province of the Southern Cone of America) is the ecclesiastical province of the Anglican Communion that covers the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

    The province currently has 27,000 members thinly spread across the nations of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, which makes it one of the smallest provinces in the Anglican Communion in terms of numbers, although one of the largest in geographical extent. It has seven bishops – about one bishop per 4,000 people. However, it has augmented its membership by recruiting conservative American parishes who wish to opt out of their national church whilst retaining a link with the Anglican Communion. This has caused tensions within the Anglican Communion.”

    His entire province is pretty small. What gives?

  9. Chris Taylor says:

    Open your ears and actually listen to him “plainsparson,” you’ll discover that he’s a very powerful preacher of the Word, and that’s why so many people consider his voice “over some of our own.” Interesting that you seem to judge people by how many members there are in their flock. Guess you must pay A LOT of attention to what the Archbishop of Abuja has to say!!! How many in your flock, so we can decide whether or not to pay any attention to you?

  10. Mike L says:

    And, as usual, Wikipedia has some errors. You see, our parish was not [b]recruited[/b] by Bishop Venables. We ran to him as have many of the other parishes that could no longer abide but the current “theology” of TEC.

  11. Lapinbizarre says:

    I have not objected to anything “strenuously”, Ms. Martinez. My posts on this subject have been, and continue to be, extremely measured. I pointed out an error, and when the error persisted, I noted it a second time. For the record, I simultaneously pointed out a second error of fact elsewhere on this site, in a piece on John Stott’s Keswick address. The error, which was not of T19’s doing, has been corrected and as of my last checking that thread, I am not the subject of posts over there questioning my motives and charity in making the point. Doubtless those who feel that Keswick should rightly be spelled “Kewsick” will persist in that belief, as will those who strongly believe that P.B. Venables should not be “demoted” from a title that he has never held.

    Being a firm believer, Ms. Martinez, in the maxim that there are “none so blind as those who won’t see”, this is my final post on the subject at this thread.

  12. Sue Martinez says:

    #13, Thank you for withdrawing! I have much better things to do with my time than argue with you, like watching ARCHBISHOP Venables’s teachings again. I recommend them highly.