14 years Ago Today: Oklahoma City bombing memories adorn quilt

The quilt was sewn out of joy and pain, memories and loss.

This same quilt will forever memorialize a daughter and unborn grandchild lost in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

The patchwork of memories of Carrie Ann Lenz’s 26 years reminds her mother, Doris Jones, of happy times she shared with her daughter.

Cut from her daughter’s clothes, which until recently hung unworn but cherished in a guest bedroom, each of the quilt’s 48 squares holds a memory for Jones.

Read it all and the photos are worth the time also.

The whole memorial service is available here.


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2 comments on “14 years Ago Today: Oklahoma City bombing memories adorn quilt

  1. Kendall Harmon says:

    “One of the hardest things for me was, you know, when you’re the mother, you’re the fixer,” she said. “But no matter how you try to think it through, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t fix it.”

    Such a rich and poignant quote from the mother. God bless her.

  2. Bryan McKenzie says:

    I remember.

    Requiescat in pace