A Special Website Dedicated to the ACNA Assembly

Check it out.


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4 comments on “A Special Website Dedicated to the ACNA Assembly

  1. Karen B. says:

    If you scroll down the ACNA Assembly website, there are lots of helpful factsheets:

    # Fact Sheet: Who We Are
    # Fact Sheet: What We Stand For
    # Fact Sheet: Our Genesis
    # Fact Sheet: ACNA Assembly Speakers
    # Fact Sheet: ACNA Dioceses and Delegates
    # Fact Sheet: Bishop Robert Duncan
    # Fact Sheet: Glossary

    Note that the ACNA Dioceses & Delegates fact sheet has ASA figures for each diocese

  2. Katherine says:

    I also notice in the Assembly schedule an event for non-delegates titled “The Influence of Islam in North America.” This is a far-thinking item to present. One of the reasons, among many others, to promote the traditional Christian faith is the coming need to counter Islam with the truth. People (many of them) who believe nothing will grasp for belief in anything.

  3. Karen B. says:

    Yes, Katherine, of course that caught my eye too and I was very glad to see it!

  4. Words Matter says:

    A friend staying with me had the CBS morning news show on today and they had a bit on the ACNA meeting. The lead off line was something like: a new denomination is forming, and already excluding whole groups of people. The actual report said that they were excluding gays and women from the clergy (not accurate in the latter case, I know). The funny part was as they read the report, the visuals were of Bp. Gene Robinson and a woman I didn’t recognize.