One Florida Anglican Church favors re-unification possibilities with Catholic Church

A 500-year religious divide may be getting closer to being bridged. Earlier this week Pope Benedict announced new efforts to re-unite Anglicans with the Roman Catholic Church.

The decision was reportedly reached in secret by a small group of Vatican officials and will make it easier for Anglicans to convert to Catholicism and was greeted with eagerness at one local Anglican church.

St. Luke’s in Fruitland Park was only formed two years ago, but its leaders say a departure from long-standing traditions in their faith have made these new overtures more welcome.

“The problem at the current time is the leadership of the Episcopal Church in this country and, to some extent, the Anglo church worldwide have gone off in a very liberal, protestant direction,” said St. Luke’s pastor, Father Dean Steward. “This has disturbed a lot of people.”

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