African leaders urged to resort to the Bible

The Reverend Justice Akrofi, President of the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) has called on African leaders to turn to the Bible as a source of strength and wisdom as they strived to find solutions to the continent’s problems.

He said “The Bible has been a transformer and a unifying force bringing people of different races, colour, profession among other things together in mutual respect”, a condition necessary for overall development of the continent.

He said about 300,000 books are printed yearly, but all of them only inform, adding that “it is only the Bible that transforms”.

The Reverend Akrofi, who is also the Archbishop of the West Africa Province of the Anglican Church, said this when he opened a four-day conference organized by the African Bible Society in Accra on Wednesday to discuss contemporary religious, political and economic issues and to see how best to address them.

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One comment on “African leaders urged to resort to the Bible

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Way to go, Archbishop Akrofi! Hmmm, can you imagine an Anglican primate anywhere in the global north being the president of the national Bible Society for their country and urging everyone to turn to the Scriptures for guidance in solving major national problems??

    How refreshing.

    David Handy+