The Presiding Bishop visits the UK

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3 comments on “The Presiding Bishop visits the UK

  1. cseitz says:

    Edinburgh Guide (in one of the notices given by Thinking Anglicans) speaks of 360,000 members of the Scottish Episcopal Church, comparing it as smaller that the Kirk’s half-million. The figure is obviously wrong. 36,000 is probably the correct tally. On Sunday morning attendance, we know how these figures drop yet further. St Pauls and St Georges, Edinburgh and St Silas, Glasgow, and Trinity Aberdeen (all evangelical parishes) may have a third of the total Sunday attendance (I am just guessing). Most SEC parishes are small rural churches and in general, the population belt in Scotland is in Glasgow-Edinburgh, with Aberdeen, Sterling, Dundee, Perth, Inverness a next step down. I suspect the Roman Catholic Church and the Kirk are about the same size, though the latter may be shrinking faster.

  2. GadgetVicar says:

    I’m at the General Synod. 2009 figures: Members = 37,047, Communicant Numbers = 25,776, Total attending Sunday before Advent = 13,853

    For the three churches Chris mentions the totals are; Members = 1428, Communicant Numbers = 902, Total attending Sunday before Advent = 1057

  3. cseitz says:

    Thanks, David, for the correction. The ASA figures for the entirety of the SEC are comparable to a moderately sized diocese here, from the sounds of it. Obviously the 360,000 total member figure in the Edinburgh Guide added a zero. Glad you’re at the Synod! Best wishes.