Gregg Easterbrook (Reuters)–It’s time for Obama to stop declaring new Economic Recovery Plans

Pundits are restless, an election looms ”“ so this week, President Barack Obama is proposing yet another round of special favors, aimed at improving the economy. Prominent columnist Paul Krugman wants the plans to be “bold” and to involve huge amounts of money. Here’s a contrasting view: government should stop declaring recovery plans, bold or otherwise.

Maybe the constant announcing of new plans ”“ especially plans backed by borrowing or tax cuts ”“ is, itself, an impediment to economic growth.

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3 comments on “Gregg Easterbrook (Reuters)–It’s time for Obama to stop declaring new Economic Recovery Plans

  1. Br. Michael says:

    It’s the old Chicago tradition. The best way to win an election is to buy it.

  2. Dan Crawford says:

    Actually, we need another war complete with draft and rationing. It worked sixty years ago. Republicans have all the tools necessary to engineer one – their problem is they believe that since they would accompany their declaration of war with tax cuts, the tooth fairy would provide the necessary trillions to wage the war and staff the off-shore prisons.

  3. Cole says:

    “Tooth Fairy”?? This whole statement comes from the imagination. Were FDR and LBJ Republicans? Where is the link? I know. GWB was not a progressive and made it his top priority to prevent another devastating attack on the US. That is why the mainstream media demonizes him.

    New wealth is only available if it is created, and not from just redistribution. I think that concept could be taught even to someone in grade school. We will only turn this economy around when the producers of wealth feel it is safe and profitable to reinvest their money in capital equipment and the labor to work it.