John Sentamu marks 5 years as Archbishop of York

It is important to share in both in the good times and bad times. The Bible says “laugh with those that laugh and cry with those that cry”. Well, there have been both celebrations and struggles over the last 5 years.

On Ash Wednesday I went out and met shoppers in York city centre and heard about the many challenges individuals were facing and said prayers with them. I visited Redcar to meet the workers at Corus who were facing redundancy because of the mothballing of the local steelworks. When Alan Johnston was kidnapped in Palestine and we prayed for his release ”“ and then when he was freed – it was a time of such joy.

And then when Madeleine McCann was abducted from her bedroom and Claudia Lawrence went missing on her way to work ”“ such terrible sadness and pain. I pray for the families that one day Madeleine and Claudia will be returned safely to us.

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