(BBC) Wikileaks: Russia branded 'mafia state' in cables

In one cable from January 2010, Spanish prosecutor Jose “Pepe” Grinda Gonzales claimed that in Russia, Belarus and Chechnya “one cannot differentiate between the activities of the Government and OC (organised crime) groups”.

Judge Grinda led a long investigation into Russian organised crime in Spain, leading to more than 60 arrests.

A cable from the US embassy in Madrid talks about the “unanswered question” of the extent to which Mr Putin is implicated in the mafia and whether he controls its actions.

Read it all.


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5 comments on “(BBC) Wikileaks: Russia branded 'mafia state' in cables

  1. St. Nikao says:

    The Wikileaks traitor is a homosexual or ‘gay’ activist. His criminal actions were due to his anger over the military policy concerning homosexuals. The media is ignoring this connection as it did the religious motivation by the recent shootings by the muslim army psychiatrist at Ft. Hood.

  2. Creedal Episcopalian says:

    I read that he got into a [url=http://www.borderfirereport.net/jim-kouri/wikileaks-leaker-an-angry-and-confused-soldier.php ]spat with his boyfriend[/url], and the leaks were his way of acting out. The policy at the time was “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell”

    As to how effective DADT was as a policy:
    [blockquote] Pentagon investigators plan to delve into Manning’s background to ascertain if they missed any warnings when he applied to join the US Army.[/blockquote]

    Right. Nothing to see here, move along.

    The wikileaks scandal-of the-moment seems to be a by-product (it’s not a bug it’s a feature) of political correctness. The good news is it seems to be backfiring on the Soros-funded leftists that made it all possible.

  3. Billy says:

    Removing DADT from the military lexicon is going to be one more social engineering experiment of the liberal idealogues that will have unforeseen consequences (though they really are foreseeable) and collateral damage. Anyone who has ever been around homosexual society knows the petty bickering and back-biting that goes on. Open homosexuals in the military will cause huge morale problems, and any attempt to deal with these problems by commanders will be subject to claims of discrimination. Additionally, very quickly, you will see good soldiers leaving the military and fewer and fewer heterosexuals signing up. Recruitment will suffer severely and our military will deteriorate dramatically within 5 years. The one place to not have social experimentation is the security force for our country -yet that is exactly what the liberal idealogues in our government have accomplished, unless John McCain and other Repubs can put a halt to this insanity.

    (And don’t cite back to me the report that just came out from DOD and the testimony of the Jt Chiefs – read that survey. It didn’t ask the right questions – it was slanted to make the point the Jt Chiefs wanted to make. Jt Chiefs have no military authority – they are political appointees. Ask any veteran or any current soldier in the field (away from anyone else) and you’ll be told that this ain’t gonna work.)

  4. St. Nikao says:

    Here’s a historical military/security perspective:
    “According to Samuel Igra in ‘Germany’s National Vice’, the outbreak of World War I was a direct consequence of homosexual intrigues in the court of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Revelations that a clique of homosexuals had gained Rasputin-like control of the Kaiser engulfed the nation in scandal from 1907 to 1914 through a series of very public criminal trials.

    According to Igra it grew so severe that Germany chose war as the only way to resolve it’s domestic crisis. He cites, among other sources, The Diary of Count Robert Zedlitz-Truetzschler, Lord Chamberlain at the Court of Kaiser Wilhelm II, who wrote “Yesterday while hunting at Springe the Crown Prince had a long conversation with General von Moltke, the Chief of the General Staff, about the political situation (the internal political situation, he means) and committed himself to the opinion that only war can clear up the confused situation of the county.” Whether or not this was the true cause of The Great War is immaterial. It is enough that it caused so great a national crisis that war was contemplated as a solution.

    And in World War II, also according to Igra, the most notorious of the traitors who sided with the Nazi fascists against their own governments were all homosexuals: Guy Burgess and John Macnamara in England, Edouard Pfeiffer and Jacques Doriot in France. Leon Degrelle in Belgium. Artur Seyss-Inquart in Austria, and in Norway it was the infamous Vidkum Quisling, whose surname is even to this day synonymous with “traitor.”

    Colonel Ron Ray in his 1993 book, ‘Military Necessity and Homosexuality’ noted:
    “Even if homosexuals are not ‘turned’ by foreign agents, evidence exists that homosexuals, as a group or subculture, can and do turn against their country simply on account of the nature of homosexuality and its hostile attitude toward the existing moral order. This fact is illustrated by a well known group of preeminent writers, thinkers, artists and high social figures known as Bloomsburys who began to reform English tastes before the second world war. That period, termed modernity, saw the supplanting of the fixed moral norms with another ethos. The key to understanding modernity and Bloomsbury is sodomy: Bloomsburys wanted to ‘live as they wanted to live.’ Along with their homosexuality they developed an amoral, irreligious attitude and were unpatriotic as well. E.M. Forster, a member of the Bloomsbury, was quoted as saying, ‘If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country‘”… “Another one of its members, Sir Anthony Blunt, a member of the British Intelligence [and a notorious homosexual], became a traitor and breached security, thereby causing many to die. He regularly passed highly classified information on to a nation which would become the primary foe of the free world: the Soviet Union. He once remarked to an intelligence colleague near the end of World War II, ‘it has given me great pleasure to have been able to turn over the names of every MI-5 officer to the Russians.’”

    A concise summary of the problem with inviting homosexuals into highly confidential circles is drawn from the memoirs of Police Commissioner Hans von Tresckow, who headed the equivalent of the Berlin “vice squad” from 1905 to 1919: “[I]t is not the sense of duty towards one’s fellow-men or the nation that forms the rule of conduct for homosexualists; but in every turn of life and in all their striving they think only of the good or harm they may do to their own clique of friends.”
    (from S. Lively, PhD: http://www.defendthefamily.com/pfrc/newsarchives.php?id=7661895)

  5. Creedal Episcopalian says:

    “clique of friends” is exactly it. Sort of. 🙂 The same forces that bring potheads together ( “it’s illegal, and we act silly together”), created a hippy subculture(we do things -drugs-free love-dumpster diving-that squares won’t) create the “gay” subculture, except with more force. Convince an adolescent to engage in sodomy once, and the guilt and shame resulting makes him a member of the group that doesn’t convict him for it, in this case homosexuals. What else explains the energy that goes into proclaiming that sodomy is such a wonderful act?

    There is considerable evidence and record that the Hitler regime was also infested with homosexualism, though the gay lobby will deny this vociferously.

    But, we are getting completely off topic. DADT may have been one of the causes of the release of the wikileaks trove, but what is more interesting is, that in trying to paint the United States as evil, the people at wikileaks have spattered mud all over their feloow travelers. And it’s sticking.