The Bishop of Michigan on What Makes a Vibrant Episcopal Church

Read it all–pages 3 and 4 once you download the pdf.


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8 comments on “The Bishop of Michigan on What Makes a Vibrant Episcopal Church

  1. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    That’s truly the strangest cover to a Diocesan newsletter I’ve seen in quite some time.

  2. Statmann says:

    I’ll venture a guess: a minstrel show in the bizarro world. Statmann

  3. David Wilson says:

    Not a whole lot about a relationship with Jesus Christ in the article.

  4. A Senior Priest says:

    And how would a TEC bishop purport to know what a vibrant church of any kind looks like, apart from via rumors?

  5. St. Nikao says:

    Here’s a quote:
    “My Grandmother told me children don’t reject Jesus, just the package you put him in. […] And the lives of some people attending Messiah are filled with tough choices.
    “The scripture gives them hope,” he said. “We might get someone who tells us ‘I didn’t smoke weed all last week.’ Now, you know some people will say you aren’t supposed to be smoking marijuana anyway, and that’s true. But for some people to be able to make a statement like that, you know the church is making a difference in their lives. And that’s important.
    “You can’t talk about colonies of lepers here. That doesn’t work here. We have people who are homeless, or losing their jobs, or their boy is acting the fool. Nobody gives a damn about that. But we can give people hope. We can get them up and moving again, and people believe, I can get up and do something.”
    Without hope, which comes from the messages provided during church services and the actions of the various activities available through Messiah, there is nothing.
    “If you’re living in a city with all this despair and can’t offer hope, then you’re crazy,” Randolph said.
    “People are begging for an experience with God. Begging for it. If you don’t provide that, it’s spiritual malpractice.”

    This diocese has a particular population they are trying to reach…Detroit is a city that has fallen into poverty BECAUSE of an industry that was subsidized and failed, people who were subsidized and have failed (spiritually and morally). Generations have not learned how to live in Christ’s Way, power, holiness, truth, love and life of Jesus Christ. I hope they are teaching His Holy Way and not compromising it with the pansexual agenda, syncretism and liberal unbelieving unregenerate mythical counterfeit gospel of materialism, temporal, emotional and physical gratification that doesn’t provide righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

  6. evan miller says:

    While I’m in general agreement with the sentiments you express, I think +Mark Lawrence and a handfull of other bishops have a pretty fair idea of what a vibrant Episcopal church looks like. But as a generalization, your comment is certainly valid.

  7. stjohnsrector says:

    #4 – he was here at my parish this past weekend, confirming/receiving 16 people, including 11 teenage boys. He knows what at least one looks like.

  8. evan miller says:

    Well done, #7!