Closing ceremony marks the end of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Michigan

Toward the end of the service, the Bishop led Prayers for the Closing of a Congregation. Part of that prayer was, “God of our beginnings and endings, we celebrate all we have shared as people of St. Peter’s Church and as people of this Diocese and we ask your blessing as we continue on our journey apart from this place.”

As many in the pews remembered their own celebrations at St. Peter’s, the Bishop prayed, “For the works of ministry that have taken place on the blessed ground and within these sacred walls; for the baptisms and professions of faith, for weddings and for burials; for prayers offered and bread and wine offered; for holy food partaken and for the life of this community of faith now closing, we offer prayer and praise to God.”

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2 comments on “Closing ceremony marks the end of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Michigan

  1. Statmann says:

    A sad event. But nowhere near as dismal as the decline in Infant Baptisms. The Diocese of Michigan had a very difficult experience during 2002 through 2009 with Members down 25.0 percent, ASA down 23.6 percent, and Plate & Pledge (adjusted for inflattion) down 18.9 percent. But the number of Infant Baptisms fell from 539 in 2002 to 282 in 2009 which is a decline of 47.9 percent! THAT is a tragedy!! Statmann

  2. stjohnsrector says:

    St. Andrew’s in Clawson, and St. Andrew’s in Jackson, are also closing (or have closed)