(Savannah Morning News) Georgia Supreme Court to hear Christ Church case

The Georgia Supreme Court agreed on Thursday to hear arguments in the ongoing property dispute pitting the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia against the breakaway Christ Church in Savannah.

The hearing will most likely take place April 4, 5 or 18, one of the only three days that month the court will hear oral arguments, according to Jane Hansen, court spokeswoman.

In August 2010, Christ Church in Savannah appealed to the state’s highest court after losing its argument in Chatham County Superior Court and the State Court of Appeals.

The Supreme Court will examine whether the Court of Appeals was wrong in its application of “neutral principles of law” and interpretation of state codes when it ruled in favor of the Diocese of Georgia.

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2 comments on “(Savannah Morning News) Georgia Supreme Court to hear Christ Church case

  1. SC blu cat lady says:

    As usual, the Curmudgeon has a great post about this over at his blog.

  2. Pb says:

    Despite Georgia law being fairly clear on the hierachial church law, there is a garbbled opinion last November where the majority was formed only by several justices who did not think the Supreme Court had jurisdiction and voted in favor of the lower court opinion. Two voted in favor of the local congregation. There are seven votes and anyone’s guess is equally good.