Melbourne Anglicans counter "New atheism" with new online resource

How can there be a God when people are suffering through floods and fires? How can God sit back and allow bad things to happen to good people?

A new online resource from the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne offers answers to these and other difficult questions as the Church seeks to engage directly with the rising “New Atheism” phenomenon.

“It’s not surprising that Christians will be asked hard questions like these as we watch the devastation of the Queensland floods,” said Bishop Barbara Darling, chair of the Christianity and Atheism Committee for the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. “We should not be afraid of such questions, but should welcome the opportunity to talk with those who ask them”.

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2 comments on “Melbourne Anglicans counter "New atheism" with new online resource

  1. nwlayman says:

    What a lot of ink spilled. Shouldn’t it rattle anyone’s faith if anyone dies anywhere anytime? If not, aren’t the atheists a little short sighted? Certainly the death of Jesus started to do that, before Sunday AM, and even then it was a little confusing. I’ve heard people ask “why God let them” get a “C” in math. Sometimes, NOT always, a reasonable answer is laughter.

  2. sophy0075 says:

    Jesus never promised his believers peaches and cream. This world is a tough and broken place; if anything, Jesus’s horrific death on the cross demonstrates that.