(CNA) Catholic Church querying US Anglicans for possible ordinariate

The first step is to respond to all U.S. Anglicans who have indicated an interest in the ordinariate and to learn more about them.

“Questionnaires have gone out asking them to identify more clearly who they are and what the nature is of their current community,” Cardinal [Donald] Wuerl explained. “The goal is to determine whether there is a response substantial enough to warrant the establishment of an ordinariate here in the U.S.”

“We’ve already seen how the Holy See, at the request of Pope Benedict, has established an ordinariate in England, Our Lady of Walsingham. And that would probably be a model for what we would do here in the U.S.”

“We’re a little ways off yet,” he said.

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5 comments on “(CNA) Catholic Church querying US Anglicans for possible ordinariate

  1. Already Gone says:

    There certainly is in the DC area where my wife is actively involved in setting up an Anglican Use Parish — St. Thomas of Canterbury — http://www.stthomascanterbury.org/ One group has made a Google map of all of the interested places — http://anglicancatholics.net/

  2. rlw6 says:

    There needs to be a way for individuals to be voice their interest. I am in Atlanta where the only Anglo-Catholic Church, The
    Church of Our Saviour, was absorbed by the Dioceses when finances made continuation without aid impossible. Many orthodox worshipers left for less offensive surroundings. Now there is no point of contact in Atlanta but I am sure there are many who would find comfort in an Anglican Use offering.

  3. Already Gone says:

    RLW6- Your best bet may be to contact Fr. Bergman at the St. Thomas More Society, who has taken a leadership role in this area — http://www.stthomasmoresociety.org/

  4. Teatime2 says:

    There are already Anglican Use parishes in the US. Why don’t they just expand that and work through those? I believe there are four Anglican Use parishes here in Texas alone.

    Before I left the RCC, I explored that possibility. Because I took issue with Marian doctrine and the Anglican Use parish nearest to me was heavily Marian, it was a non-starter. But for those who can and want to embrace all of those teachings and devotions, it’s already in place.

  5. MichaelA says:

    This is an extraordinary article.

    The Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) has previously claimed over 400,000 members worldwide, with many congregations in the USA, and that all of them were agreed to join the Ordinariate. Indeed, ++Hepworth presented letters from the Vatican indicating that the Ordinariate was created in response to the TAC’s request.

    There have been reports for some time that many TAC members are not happy with the move to Rome. But this article appears to indicate that actually very few of them have any interest in moving to Rome via the Ordinariate!

    Another possibility is that the TAC just doesn’t have many members – their archbishop is based in Australia, yet as best I can tell they have a total of ten congregations here and there are indications that some of them have ASA in the single digits. Just how many TAC are there in the USA?