Anglican Bishop Victoria Matthews' memorial speech

At 12.51 we were witnesses to the loss of lives: infants and pensioners; kiwis and internationals; residents and visitors; language students and teachers; parents, sisters, brothers, friends and colleagues.

We, the survivors, witnessed the life-changing moments of all those who were injured badly.

We who were ordered to walk home knew emergency crews were fighting to save lives and free the trapped.

We heard the sirens and we saw the smoke. And we know there are those who are still missing. Our hearts go out to those who wait.

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2 comments on “Anglican Bishop Victoria Matthews' memorial speech

  1. MargaretG says:

    The speech that had the most impact was the one from Prince William — along with Hayley Westerna singing Amazing Grace totally unaccompanied.

  2. Caedmon says:

    Well, I don’t consider her a bishop, but her words certainly resonate. My daughter and her family live in Christchurch, and we were there to visit NZ for the first time in Nov. 2010. We feel a deep connection to the Kiwis through our family and shared cultural history, and this tragedy has accordingly taken its toll even on us, though we didn’t live through it.

    I posted some photos we took of the cathedral’s interior when we were there: