Three French Players Punished for Using Technology to Cheat

Cheating has become more common in recent years. But a recent French case is the most sensational, and the most troubling.

In January, the French Chess Federation accused three of its members, including Sebastien Feller, a 20-year-old grandmaster, of cheating during last year’s Chess Olympiad. Feller, who is ranked No. 4 among French players, played Board 5 for the national Olympiad team and won an individual gold medal for his performance.

But the federation said he had help from Cyril Marzolo, an international master, who watched Feller’s games online and put the positions into a computer, which suggested moves. Marzolo relayed the suggestions to Arnaud Hauchard, a grandmaster and the French team’s captain, who used a code in transmitting the suggestions to Feller, the federation said.

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One comment on “Three French Players Punished for Using Technology to Cheat

  1. Kendall Harmon says:

    I used this in this morning’s sermon as an illustration of the great distance that there can be between what we think is happening and what is actually happening–see 1 Samuel 16:7.