Church of England Cathedrals Headline Mission Statistics for 2010

Attendance levels at regular weekly services in Church of England cathedrals have increased significantly more this year, by 7%. Since the turn of the millennium, they have steadily grown by a total of 37%, which is about 4% on average each year. At Sunday services alone 15,800 adults and 3,100 children and young people are usually present while over the whole week the figures rise (by 73%) to 27,400 and 7,600 respectively. Westminster Abbey adds, on average, 1,800 people each week to these number

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2 comments on “Church of England Cathedrals Headline Mission Statistics for 2010

  1. Sidney says:

    Does this mean that people like the mega-church atmosphere better?

  2. kmh1 says:

    Good question. Where are these peple coming from? Are they non-churchgoers getting the habit or middle of the roaders who have left declining parishes but wouldn’t go the thriving local evangelical church?