(Zenit) Holy See: People Have More Dignity Than UN Recognizes

….when a U.N. political declaration on AIDS/HIV was accepted unanimously Friday, the Vatican delegation had points of contention.

To fight this infection — 30 years after it first appeared and 30 million deaths later — Jane Adolphe, associate professor of law at Ave Maria School of Law, spoke on behalf of Archbishop Francis Chullikatt and proposed a starting point: “the recognition that the human person can and should change irresponsible and dangerous behavior, rather than simply accept such behavior as if it were inevitable and unchangeable.”

The Holy See’s permanent observer at the United Nations was a voice that reminded that AIDS is about more than statistics, or ideologically tinged plans to fight it.

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3 comments on “(Zenit) Holy See: People Have More Dignity Than UN Recognizes

  1. Confessor says:

    Amen to that! Good job Professor Adolphe.

  2. Confessor says:

    Of course, this will rile the sexual rights promoters.
    Countdown to high-pitched shrieks, name-calling, accusations… one, two, three….

  3. Teatime2 says:

    Well, this is why I try to avoid Walmart. Surveying the mass of humanity in that place leads one to question human dignity and whether the majority have any desire to change their behavior to reflect dignity. Just the sayings/pictures on their tattoos and the T-shirts they wear must make Jesus sad.