(Post-Gazette) In Pittsburgh, Patients caught in insurance squeeze

When it comes to health care, Pittsburghers take it for granted that they will have access to the hospitals of their choice.

But in the battle between the region’s largest insurer, Highmark, and its largest health care provider, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, it appears that access could come at a price.

UPMC said Highmark members will have to pay out-of-network provider rates to most UPMC physicians when the insurer’s contract with UPMC expires June 30, 2012.

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One comment on “(Post-Gazette) In Pittsburgh, Patients caught in insurance squeeze

  1. Teatime2 says:

    At least it’s a large city and they have choices. Maybe not excellent choices but it’s better than no choice at all. I live in a small city and, for some specialties, there is only one doctor or one group. The cardiology group doesn’t belong to my insurance’s network and isn’t covered. At all. I pay the full cost of office visits and we’re getting the cardio testing done through my internist, who is part of the network, so they’re covered. I’m sure the insurance company will catch on and forbid that at some point.