(USA Today Op-Ed) President Obama: Go 'big' on debt deal

For years now, America has been spending more money than we take in. The result is that we have too much debt on our nation’s credit card ”” debt that will ultimately weaken our economy, lead to higher interest rates for all Americans, and leave us unable to invest in things like education, or protect vital programs like Medicare.

Neither party is blameless for the decisions that led to this debt, but both parties have a responsibility to come together and solve the problem. That’s what the American people expect of us. Every day, families are figuring out how to stretch their paychecks a little further, sacrifice what they can’t afford, and budget only for what’s truly important. It’s time for Washington to do the same.

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2 comments on “(USA Today Op-Ed) President Obama: Go 'big' on debt deal

  1. Br. Michael says:

    The comment by Mr. Swenson is quite good. He concludes:

    [blockquote]The fact that this is the natural consequence of the “personal autonomy” theories the court has been adopting since Roe v. Wade, to destroy Federal and State legislation, demonstrates that there is no force now recognized by the Court, such as traditional Christian morality, that can counterbalance the gravity of natural human depravity and rebellion that seeks to exceed every boundary of behavior imposed by society. The fact that the Court has repeatedly endorsed one of the most anarchic aspects of human behavior as preempting the exercise of the democratic process of lawmaking, and the explicit right of self-government by voting majorities, makes it easy to see this leading to precisely the kind of society foreseen by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World, one of sexual anarchy combined with despotism in every other aspect of life.[/blockquote]

    Indeed the protestations that the flood unleashed by same sex marriage magically stops with their special situation and that having dispensed with marriage as between male and female the number two is sacrosanct is nothing more than special pleading without an ounce of principled reason behind it.

    If the state is required to recognize and allow benefits for any “marital” arrangement that anyone can think of, I can well see the day that the state will not recognize marriage at all and treat all as single people at law who can have any private arrangement they want, but without any impact on public finances.

  2. Br. Michael says:

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