(CEN) Philippine ”˜no’ to the Anglican Covenant

Speaking to the 8th Philippine General Synod on 2 May, the Church’s Prime Bishop, the Most Rev Edward Malecdan, argued the best way forward through the crisis of faith and order dividing Anglicans was to keep talking while taking no action that would cause irreparable harm to the fabric of the Communion.

“I think most of us know that there are problems besetting the Communion,” he observed, noting that “one of this is the practice of The Episcopal Church USA, or TEC, in consecrating practicing homosexuals and lesbians to the episcopate. The other is the acceptance of same-sex marriages in both TEC and in the Anglican Church of Canada or ACoC.”

The responses to these breaches of Communion by the US and Canada had led some provinces to call for the isolation of “these two North American Churches. They express in no uncertain terms that the Church in Canada and TEC should be out of the Communion.”

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6 comments on “(CEN) Philippine ”˜no’ to the Anglican Covenant

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Well, all those candles placed on empty chairs and warm huggy controlled manipulation at Dublin doesn’t seem to have washed with even those who did bother to attend, even as they were being misled into emasculating the remaining working Instrument, the Primates’ Meeting.

    Oh well. What a mess.

  2. Undergroundpewster says:

    [blockquote] The Bishop said his impression of the Dublin Primates’ Meeting was one of a Church where “unity and diversity” was “clearly and strongly affirmed.”[/blockquote]

    What muddled nonsense.

  3. cseitz says:

    Isn’t this the way the covenant is meant to work? Those who wish to be accountable in Christ to one another, as the covenant articulates this, adopt it. Others don’t. Those who adopt on these terms will then be the bodies that see to its proper implementation. SE Asia provides a good example here.

  4. David Keller says:

    “…keep talking while taking no action that would cause irreparable harm to the fabric of the Communion”. What are they smoking in the Phillipines?

  5. tired says:

    “keep talking while taking no action…”

    Sounds to me like the Most Rev Edward Malecdan is endorsing the innovations, and those who, by their unilateralism or obstructionism are “lord[ing] it over all Anglican Provinces.”


  6. Bookworm(God keep Snarkster) says:

    I wonder how they’ll like it if/when Tom Shaw and Marvin Ellison visit the Philippines for teachings on “polyamorous justice”. Just how far outside the lines would the Philippines like to color whilst saying everyone is autonomous? How “autonomous” are they with regards to financial subsidy by other provinces? Or does autonomy get defined or defended issue-by-issue?

    How many Churches or Provinces are part of it that don’t even understand what the WWAC is about?