The Latest Edition of the Anglican Digest

You can find it here. Please consider becoming a habitual reader if you are not at present and pass on the link to your friends.


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2 comments on “The Latest Edition of the Anglican Digest

  1. evan miller says:

    An excellent little publication that always has some gems in it. I ordered 150 to hand out at our parish. These are the same folks who run the wonderful “Operation Pass-Along” that provides prayer books, hymnals, liturgical items, etc. free of charge to needy churches.

  2. David Hein says:

    TAD: always worthwhile. It’s well known–and deserves to be even better known.

    And–consider writing for them. I’ll tell you something good about doing that: More people will see your contribution, read it, and comment on it than if you had published in many a good journal out there. If you have something vital, insightful, or reasonably profound to offer, consider sharing it with others.

    Finally, something should be said for the fact that TAD–in its accretion of details over many years–maintains a witness to what is a core Anglican identity. In this confused era, that in and of itself strikes me as a quite valuable service.

    And a footnote: In the face of much “I’m spiritual but not religious,” TAD reinforces the witness and presence of the leading alternative: “I’m spiritual within a specific religious community.”