The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Rejects ACNA's Appeal

Read it all (pdf from the court).


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4 comments on “The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Rejects ACNA's Appeal

  1. NoVA Scout says:

    Not particularly illuminating.

  2. hunter27 says:

    Believe it was the real Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh’s appeal.

    Our prayers, thoughts, and best wishes go to all parishioners and clergy effected.

  3. NoVA Scout says:

    which one is the “real” one? The post said “ACNA”

  4. hunter27 says:

    The Duncan Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh is now called the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

    ACNA, the Anglican Communion in North America, of which Duncan is now Archbishop, is a group of religious organizations of which the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh is a part.
    It is my understanding that the organization, ACNA, was not part of the lawsuit. See the first page of the order. The Duncan former Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh was.

    I used the words “real” Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh because that was what Duncan’s diocese was – not the TEC/ Schori rump group that calls itself the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.

    It is all water over the dam now.
    Essentially, the Duncan former Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (now called the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh) lost its case because of a stipulation agreed to a number of years ago when a previous attorney was handling the case; and, in the judicial order referred to above, they were denied their request for an appeal.

    The God fearing and God loving orthodox people, parishioners and clergy alike of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh which is a part of ACNA, now do that which they must do to follow the laws of God and the order of the court.

    Again, our most fervent prayers are with them.

    And, I would add, there are more prayers than one can imagine also for Schori and the revisionists within TEC that they may see the error of their ways in the egregious actions they have initiated against the orthodox.
    It is utterly amazing they do not seem to understand that each and every one of us shall eventually and most assuredly be held accountable before the throne of God Almighty.
    How will they ever rationalize and justify that which they are doing and that which they have done?