Christchurch Cathedral to be deconsecrated

ChristChurch Cathedral ”“ the icon of that quake-crippled city, and the most recognised church in New Zealand ”“ is to be deconsecrated ahead of partial demolition.

Bishop Victoria Matthews confirmed in a press conference in Christchurch today that the cathedral would have to be partly demolished, and further engineering measures taken to make the rest of the building safe.

Until the demolition work is actually underway it won’t be clear how much more of the cathedral will have to be brought down.

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2 comments on “Christchurch Cathedral to be deconsecrated

  1. art says:

    While the Anglican cathedral is in the center square of the city, and so something of an icon, the Roman Catholic basilica is most likely going to be demolished as well. The main Baptist city church together with the Presbyterian and old Methodist ones are shells/rubble too. The Copts too have lost their church building. All in all, 23 Anglican church buildings have been too badly damaged to be restored. Old stone building techniques just cannot cut it when it comes to repeated earthquakes, it seems. But then any loss of a building is not quite the same as the 182 lives lost.

    All this is sad both for those who live and worship in Christchurch, and for those many tourists who visit this stunningly beautiful part of the world. Part of its beauty of course has been formed by these very earthquakes and shifting tectonic plates: what a curious world!

  2. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Thanks, art.

    Very helpful context and perspective. Very sad.

    David Handy+