(CS Monitor) Gail Chaddock–The Strange politics behind a budgetless America

Seeking to avoid a politically toxic vote, Congress has failed to pass a federal budget for three years. This year’s new twist? Congress might not even try.

On Monday, President Obama presented his proposed budget for fiscal year 2013. It’s going nowhere on Capitol Hill, legislators and political analysts agree. What’s more, Senate Democratic leaders show no intention of presenting their own budget proposals ”“ or taking up any lobbed over from House Republicans.

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5 comments on “(CS Monitor) Gail Chaddock–The Strange politics behind a budgetless America

  1. David Fischler says:

    Congress has not failed to pass a budget for the last three years. The House passed a budget last year after two years of failing to do so under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi. The Senate, run by Democrats the entire time, has not passed a budget in those three years, despite the fact that budgets can’t be filibustered. The reason is pure political cowardice, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    And they wonder why Congress’ approval ratings are in the single digits.

  3. Formerly Marion R. says:


    I do not understand what you are saying. The Congress is the conjunctive of the House and Senate, not the disjunctive.

    That said, the dysfunction described in the story is consistent with the passing of several 1000-page laws that not a single Representative or Senator has read. We are in the middle of a Constitutional crisis on the order of the Civil War, but it has developed so slowly that we don’t realize it.

  4. lostdesert says:

    Constitutional crisis indeed. We are on the verge of something terrible, if not already in the middle of something terrible. Pray very hard tonight. Own all of your own sins, repent, repent for your country, cry out to Jesus to help us.

  5. tgs says:

    #4. – You are right. We’re in the midst of a relentless and successful coup of our government. Obama, rather than being naive, dumb, etc. as he is many times portrayed, is brilliantly and ruthlessly executing the final stage of a plan to, as he says – fundamentally transform America. He has already wreaked massive damage to our country and if reelected will totally destroy our Republic. Please understand however, that this not just Obama’s doing. This is a relentless long term plan dating back to at least Woodrow Wilson’s administration approximately 100 years ago. So, the establishment politicians of both parties in control of our government are and have been part of this plan and must be removed from power along with Obama. Obama’s role is to give the final death blow to our Constitutional Republic which he is perilously close to doing. It is absolutely imperative that he be defeated and that establishment politicians be cleaned out of government over the next few elections.