Samuel Auchmuty–Sermon Preached at the Opening of St. Paul’s Chapel, New York, October 30, 1766

We readily allow that the sacred offices of our most holy religion, may be performed in private Houses; but it is evident from the Prayer at the Dedication of Solomon’s Temple, that religious services performed in the House of God are more effectual in removing Judgments, and procuring Mercies, than those offered in private Places. The Goodness of the Lord never shines with a greater lustre, than when the united Devotions of his faithful Servants, wrestle as it were with the Almighty in his own House.

We find that our blessed Saviour paid particular Respect to Places dedicated to the Service of God. The sacred Jesus coming to Jerusalem, was filled with a pious indignation at seeing his Father’s House vilely prostituted. When his Person was treated in the most cruel and ungrateful manner, he bore it with wonderful patience; but when the Temple of God was prophaned, an holy Zeal instantly kindled in his breast. The meek Lamb of God, thus provoked, had Recourse to holy Violence, and whipped the impious merchants out of the Temple….

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One comment on “Samuel Auchmuty–Sermon Preached at the Opening of St. Paul’s Chapel, New York, October 30, 1766

  1. MichaelA says:

    [blockquote] “You this Day have the unspeakable Pleasure, of seeing within these Walls, a very respectable, numerous and devout Audience;–And if we cast our eyes around us, and carefully view this elegant Building, which is an Honour to our Church and City, we cannot help expressing our Admiration, at beholding it nearly compleated, with such great Judgment, and uncommon Dispatch.” [/blockquote]
    How is St Paul’s and its diocese going these days? This is not a loaded question, just curious. Has the building survived almost 250 years?