(USA Today) China is in the midst of a wild, wacky building boom

An urbanization drive perhaps unparalleled in human history has turned China into a continent-sized construction site. Some of the new buildings have won international acclaim, such as Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” stadium built for the 2008 Olympics. But far too many are eyesores, complain architects and online critics.

When the architecture website www.archcy.com asked readers to vote for China’s top 10 ugliest buildings, Li Hu, a Beijing-based partner at U.S. Steven Holl Architects, said, “Choosing 10 is very hard, choosing a million is perfectly possible.

“Development is too quick. Architects don’t have time to reflect,” says Li, who blames the ugly edifices in part on interference by government officials, a lack of imagination by architects and corruption.

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2 comments on “(USA Today) China is in the midst of a wild, wacky building boom

  1. sophy0075 says:

    A bit similar to what happened in the UK after World War II. The government authorities were desperate to replace bombed-out buildings with new edifices. All one can say about them is that they look like boxes.

  2. Scatcatpdx says:

    Or grandiose communist building projects of the past. In fact a reminder China is a communist county.