(VOM Persecution Blog) South Sudan, Sudan Essentially at War

Sudan’s Khartoum government says the country is officially in a state of war with South Sudan.

The top United Nations human rights official confirmed that statement by condemning Sudan’s indiscriminate bombing raids that resulted in civilian casualties in South Sudan.

Khartoum began the week with a wave of air raids on Southern border areas, killing several civilians and hitting a UN peacekeeper base. South Sudan struck back with a vow to hold their positions in a contested oil field seized from Khartoum’s army.

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One comment on “(VOM Persecution Blog) South Sudan, Sudan Essentially at War

  1. MichaelA says:

    The two Sudans are right on a “fault line” between largely Muslim and largely Christian worlds. The Muslims are alarmed because, in global terms, Christianity is overtaking Islam. Violence is the inevitable result.

    Pray for all involved, but especially that the Christians will be comforted and defended against all assaults of their enemies.