(CT Liveblog) Sudanese Christians Fear Forced Exodus As War Looms

As war looms between Sudan and South Sudan, Christians of southern origin living in Sudan fear retribution from its Islamic government.

As of April 8, at least half a million ethnic southerners (the majority of whom are Christian) living in Sudan are now considered foreigners if they have not registered for citizenship. Officials in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, gave southerners another 30 days to register or leave the country.

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One comment on “(CT Liveblog) Sudanese Christians Fear Forced Exodus As War Looms

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    This outrageous situation isn’t getting nearly the media attention that it deserves. Possibly because there is nothing new in the rogue Islamist regime in Khartoum acting in usch a flagrantly hateful and wicked way. We’ve come to expect the shamelessly genocidal government of Omar al Bashir to act in morally repugnant ways. But this is still a staggering development that is just plain alarming.

    Note that Sudan is simultaneously telling over 500K ethnic South Sudanese to flee the country or be treating as unwelcome foreighers, while cutting off all means of travel to South Sudan, leaving them trapped and highly vulnerable. What was already a dire situation is quickly getting uglier and more desperate.

    Meanwhile, the attention of world leaders is riveted on hot spots like Syria, Iran, and North Korea, while Sudan continues to fly under the radar and basically get away with murder. Literally.

    Let us pray earnestly for our beleagured brothers and sisters now trapped in Sudan, where they are now in mortal and imminent danger.

    David Handy+