Francois Hollande – New French President

Francois Hollande, the former leader of France’s Socialist Party, has been elected president of France, defeating incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.

Despite being one of France’s best known politicians, the 57-year-old Hollande has never held a position in the national government.

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2 comments on “Francois Hollande – New French President

  1. Ad Orientem says:

    My answer to all problems French… [url=]Louis XX[/url].

    Vive le Roi!

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    #1 Years ago, the home of the Count de Paris in Estoril was pointed out to me, and at the time he was acknowledged as the legitimate pretender to the throne of France, rather than the line you point to AO. However I see that not only are there Orleanist and Bourbon pretenders, but another one as well.

    Poor French, on top of all they have suffered are you really going to plunge them into dynastic wars of succession? Haven’t they suffered enough?

    The problem in France before the Revolution was that two of the Estates, the nobility and clergy blocked any reform. The problem in France now is that it is ruled by the Polytechnic educated elite, of which Hollande is just another member of. There is no chance that he will do anything other than continue the rule of France by a suffocating centralising bureaucracy who believe that, as against the vast majority of the population, they know best. Which is why France has some of the highest debts and taxes in Europe and a basket-case economy.

    What is needed in France is an end to rule by elites, and an opening up of its closed political system to real democracy, not any more kings, emperors and ruling class dictators from the Ecole.