2012 State and Local Government spending Tumbles

State and local governments are keeping the tightest lid on spending in three decades, even though tax revenue is rising again and powerful interest groups are asking for more money.

he tight budget controls represent a sharp reversal from several years ago when states struggled to control spending, despite a drop in tax collections, and got a $250 billion bailout from the federal government. Today, both Republicans and Democrats are rejecting spending requests even from traditional allies — police, businesses, teachers, doctors and others — and keeping budgets balanced as federal aid recedes.

“We’re seeing some incredibly significant examples of groups not getting what they want,” says Scott Pattison, head of the National Association of State Budget Officers. “There doesn’t appear to be that much pushback. Maybe there’s an acceptance that cuts have to occur.”

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One comment on “2012 State and Local Government spending Tumbles

  1. flaanglican says:

    Unlike the Federal Government, states don’t have the “luxury” of printing money. Many also have balanced budget amendments which the federal government doesn’t have. Even if it did, the current administration appears to be inconvenienced by little things, like laws anyway.