(ENS) Fort Worth, Quincy want clarity on church’s ”˜hierarchical character’

For [Bishop Wallis] Ohl, the first goal of the request “is to bring some reconciliation into the House of Bishops” because the fact that the bishops acted as they did without at least informing either him or Buchanan was “a violation of the norms of our house.”
The other goal is to “give some indication to the people in the dioceses of Quincy and Fort Worth that they have the support of the House of Bishops,” he said.
The two bishops, [Bishop John} Buchanan said, hope for “a message to the world in general about our view of the polity of this church, and the reason that would be helpful is that the view of polity of this church that others have presented is, in my opinion, erroneous.”

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3 comments on “(ENS) Fort Worth, Quincy want clarity on church’s ”˜hierarchical character’

  1. c.r.seitz says:

    Note the difference between the goal of the headline and how Ohl now speaks of the goal.

  2. Nikolaus says:

    I know I keep [i]seeing[/i] the word “hierarchical” but my mind seems to insist on reading it as “heretical.”

  3. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Canons, Ohl, canons, Ohl.
    You are not a bishop or a diocese by the canons, Ohl.
    So, you should be careful what you ask for,
    If there’s any danger of getting it, Ohl.
    You should get the old heave-ho, Ohl,
    In a canonically governed church, Ohl.
    In the Episcopal Organization, however,
    You were non-canonically emplaced
    By a