(Reuters) U.S. Episcopalians move closer to allowing transgender ministers

The U.S. Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops on Saturday approved a proposal that, if it survives a final vote, would give transgender men and women the right to become ministers in the church.

The House of Bishops voted at the church’s General Convention to include “gender identity and expression” in its “non-discrimination canons,” meaning sexual orientation, including that of people who have undergone sex-change operations, cannot be used to exclude candidates to ministry.

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3 comments on “(Reuters) U.S. Episcopalians move closer to allowing transgender ministers

  1. A Senior Priest says:

    They can add as many non-exclusions as they want. It means nothing. Any hiring authority not completely brain-dead can always find perfectly acceptable reasons for not hiring someone.

  2. Lutheran-MS says:

    Why not, the whole Episcopalian leadership is leading Episcopalian straight to Hell.

  3. clayton says:

    I thought that horse was already out of the barn – aren’t there already trans priests and deacons?