(UCC Minister) Emily Heath–The Mainline Church and Dusty Feet, a Sermon

Jesus is sending out his disciples to the people….[and he concludes by saying] if they are rejected, if… [those to whom they speak]…refuse to hear what they are saying, to leave. And he tells them that as they walk away they should shake the dust off their feet as a sign that they had not been welcomed.

Its sort of a Leadership Principles of Jesus 101 class. As much as you want consensus, as much as you want everyone to join you, that won’t always happen. And sometimes you have to just move forward and do the right thing anyway.

I was thinking about this last week. I was watching the webcast of the biannual national meeting of my former denomination, the Presbyterian Church. It’s a church I still love, but I, like many others, had my own moment of shaking the dust from my feet in order to join a church that was truly committed to moving forward and embracing all in their ministry.

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One comment on “(UCC Minister) Emily Heath–The Mainline Church and Dusty Feet, a Sermon

  1. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    I don’t think the UCC embraces any Republican or Conservative Christian in their ministries. I’m just saying…