The Bishop of Kansas on the WSJ and General Convention 2012

How could anyone attend General Convention, where soaring worship, beautiful music and uplifting preaching marked daily worship, and note only the size of the Presiding Bishop’s crozier? And to pick two pieces of legislation out of more than 400 pieces presented (and then to mischaracterize one of them) is grossly unfair.

At this convention we decided to embark upon significant changes in our Church’s structure, agreed to trial use of a same-sex blessing policy and passed substantive resolutions in a variety of areas of our common life. Failing to address any of these key topics is to have missed the lede.

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3 comments on “The Bishop of Kansas on the WSJ and General Convention 2012

  1. Already left says:

    “Me think thou doest protest too much.”

  2. drummie says:

    How could anyone attend a conference where heretical resolutions were passed to bless what God does not bless complain? When you have nothing of Truth to tell, you complain about the truth teller. TEC Bishops in general seem to hate Truth and try and hide from it and condemn anyone who speaks Truth. Most of these pretend Bishops seem to be more like snake oil salesmen at the local carnival than Christian ministers. Dominus Vobiscum

  3. Statmann says:

    The bishop of KS is like so many of us: he whistles in the graveyard. For 2002 through 2010 the Dio of KS lost 32 percent of ASA, 21 percent of inflation adjusted Plate & Pldge, and 43 percent of Marraiges. I ranked the Dio at 85 of 95 considered. And now, thanks to GC 2012, they have same-sexx marraiges. Statmann