Nigeria: Anglican Primate to the Government – Tackle Corruption, Not Constitution Review

[Archbishop Nicholas] Okoh…described Nigerians as being innately corrupt, ]and] noted that enforcement of existing laws that are expected to act as checks and balances against corruption has remained a great challenge to the country, saying: “it is not so much a problem of constitution but people are dedicated to evil.”

He emphasised that politicians are not the only set of Nigerians that indulge in corrupt practices across the country, but also local people and vandals who engage in destruction and theft of bridge railings and stadia facilities across the country.

Speaking to journalists at the first session of the second Synod of the Communion in Abuja, with the theme: “Behold obedience is better than sacrifice,” Okoh stressed that all that is required for true repentance of people, adding, “People need to repent. We need to be righteous,”.

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