(ACNS) The Rt Revd Kenneth Cragg 8 March 1913 ”“ 13 November 2012

Kenneth Cragg stood out among scholars and theologians as one of very few who had the inner conviction to seek the truth in so deep an engagement with a faith other than his own. As a pen name that he used on a number of occasions emphasized, he sought above all to be a servant of mutual understanding. His desire was not to suggest that he is right but to find what is right and true, what truly expresses our best understanding about God and where Christians and Muslims are on common ground in this.

In seeking to ponder the depths of another faith, there was no suspension or dissolution of his own. At the core of his being was the conviction and experience of the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ. So there can be no dodging the hard questions, no intellectual bargaining or good-natured compromise. His wrestling with understanding Islam has never been a merely academic exercise. Personal relations have always been at its heart. One of his favourite concepts was that of hospitality, not merely in the meeting, listening and conversing but in the mind’s seeking the depth of Muslim intentions.

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One comment on “(ACNS) The Rt Revd Kenneth Cragg 8 March 1913 ”“ 13 November 2012

  1. Karen B. says:

    Kendall, thanks for all your posts on Kenneth Cragg’s passing. His works were very helpful to me during my years of pursing a degree in Middle Eastern studies and as I prepared for my work and life overseas.

    I’ve been extremely busy all week, so have not had time to read all you have posted on Cragg, but I look forward to doing so. And I thank God for this faithful servant and one whom God used to help me and doubtless thousands of others develop a passion to share the love of Christ with Muslims.