(Christian Post) 'Continuing Episcopalians' in Breakaway Diocese Elect Temporary Leader

Last week, Circuit Court Judge Diane S. Goodstein issued an order stopping the continuing Episcopalians from using the diocesan name and seal. Jeff Walton, Anglican Program director at the Institute on Religion & Democracy, told CP that the continuing Episcopalians are free to find new leadership.

“Those who have chosen to remain connected to the national denomination are entitled to organize a new diocese and elect their own leaders ”“ this is not in dispute,” said Walton. “What continuing Episcopalians cannot do is attempt to assume the identity of the departing Diocese of South Carolina. The Diocese is a legally incorporated entity with its own elected officers, registered names and seal.”

Regarding whether or not the temporary order would become a longer term injunction come a hearing on Friday, Walton told CP that he felt the breakaway Diocese’s case was strong. “In some churches, this would be resolved as a disappointing but ultimately civil divorce. Unfortunately, the national Episcopal Church has adopted a ‘scorched earth’ policy with litigation against any parish or diocese that chooses to depart the denomination,” said Walton.

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3 comments on “(Christian Post) 'Continuing Episcopalians' in Breakaway Diocese Elect Temporary Leader

  1. SC blu cat lady says:

    I will never understand why newspaper articles continue to use the term “the continuing Diocese of South Carolina” to label the TEc loyal remnant. They are no such thing. They are a NEW diocese. The Diocese of South Carolina continues to exist. The diocese did not die the moment we disaffiliated from TEC. Is this just a catchy headline for an otherwise uninteresting article about the new TEC diocese? Seems rather wordy as they could have headlined it: TEC loyalists choose a new bishop. That would have been accurate.

  2. SC blu cat lady says:

    Even better: TEc loyalists elect provisional bishop as temporary leader.

  3. Ralph says:

    Does anyone know whether the new diocese (with its first, provisional bishop) has incorporated and/or has non-profit status?

    If not, would pledges and other offerings be tax-deductible?

    What about the parishes in that diocese? If they have moved from DioSC to the new entity, would that affect their non-profit status?