(Sydney Anglicans) Kaye Chalwell–Praying for children (without ceasing)

Children’s ministry is a busy ministry that often needs lots of people to get involved for it to work well. People are needed to lead groups at church, teach SRE, help in after school clubs, prepare materials, and so on. It is a ministry that gives lots of opportunities for people to be involved in serving their community. But not everyone in a church is gifted, available or interested in getting involved in these ways.

However, prayer is an essential part of children’ ministry, and it is something that every Christian can do. When church members pray for children’s ministry they invite God into all our planning, programs and people. Praying also connects people with a ministry that they may otherwise have no involvement in. It helps them to understand the complexity, challenges and joys of children’s ministry. Sometimes, as people pray they become more interested in the ministry and choose to get more involved.

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