UK poll points to mistrust in the Church of England

Only around a half of Britons trust the clergy to tell the truth and a similar proportion think the Church of England does a bad job of providing moral leadership, a poll showed yesterday.

The survey by pollster YouGov, commissioned by Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper, further showed that 69 per cent of respondents thought the Church of England, mother church of the world’s 80-million-strong Anglican communion, was out of touch.

Forty per cent of those polled said they did not trust priests, vicars and other clergy to tell the truth and, overall, doctors, teachers and judges were rated as more trustworthy.

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One comment on “UK poll points to mistrust in the Church of England

  1. driver8 says:

    He, he. If you think that’s bad you should see the poll results from the Primates of the Communion…