On a Personal Note–Quite a Next Few Weeks for the Harmons

We now approach quite a challenging period for the family–two graduations and one knee replacement surgery for yours truly over the next few weeks. We head this afternoon to Vanderbilt for Nathaniel’s graduation, then Elizabeth graduates from MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina, a doctorate in the nursing practice [ie D.N.P.]) next week, and then (ugh!) I have surgery on Tuesday the 21st. We would be grateful for your understanding and prayers especially in this time, thanks–KSH.


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5 comments on “On a Personal Note–Quite a Next Few Weeks for the Harmons

  1. Katherine says:

    May God smile on these celebrations and lend His aid to your medical team. People who need replacements usually report very positive differences in their daily lives once they get through the process. I pray we will hear this good news in your case.

  2. Terry Tee says:

    Sounds like professional achievement, celebraton and healing, all mixed up – so despite your understandable knee misgivings, all is good. I had a knee replacement 18 months ago. My only regret is that I did not have both done at the same time as now the other is troubling me. Ah me, the trials and tribulations of, umm, becoming a senior citizen. Strength to all Harmon elbows for the coming hectic time – and strength to their knees also!

  3. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Congratulations about both graduations! And condolences about the knee replacement. But as others above have said, although the rehab can be difficult and trying, the results are usually well worth it.

    A couple asides of a light-hearted sort.
    1. [i]Question[/i]: Now that Elizabeth is also getting her doctorate, what do you call a couple like the Harmons?
    [i]Answer[/i]: A paradox/pair of doc’s.

    2. Since Elizabeth is getting her doctorate in the medical field as an NP, it reminds me of a delightful story that the church growth guru Peter Wagner loved to tell about the time when he got his own Ph.D. After his graduation, the Wagner family went out to a nice restaurant to celebrate, and his daugher (not sure how old she was) promptly burst any tendency for Peter to swell up with pride by observing: “[i]You know, dad, you’re the kind of doctor who can’t help anybody![/i]”

    Well, as a D.N.P., Elizabeth will be the kind of doctor who can.

    David Handy+

  4. Langley Granbery says:

    Congratulations to the graduates! And, I hope your surgery goes well. Did Nathaniel have a good experience at Vanderbilt? Enjoy your time in Nashville.

  5. Kenneth Semon says:

    Congratulations to the graduates and the proud father/husband. Congratulations to the Father for going ahead with the knee surgery. I celebrated my second anniversary of bilateral knee replacement a week ago. It is wonderful to be able to be active without knee pain. Just be faithful in your rehab. I was skiing six months after replacement and this year was skiing and teaching in the toughest terrain I have ever skied. And I can genuflect again! Blessings, Ken