In California, Sonora’s historic Red Church (TEC) and St. James’ Anglican Church part ways

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9 comments on “In California, Sonora’s historic Red Church (TEC) and St. James’ Anglican Church part ways

  1. rwkachur says:

    I’ll save everyone the time. I thought the whole Episcopal Church had basically become the “Red” Church.

  2. Milton Finch says:

    I’ll save everyone some more time. It will be absorbed into a larger church that has enough members to survive…if it wasn’t the larger one already….and if it is, nevermind. It’s already selling itself to people that pass by and pay pennies to look.

  3. Milton Finch says:

    That would be tantamount to a beggar with her hands out, depending on gifts from someone that saw how much she needed to be pitied.

  4. David Wilson says:

    Forget worshiping Jesus Christ — TEC has a more culturally relevant aspiration.

    “While the Red Church is back in Episcopal hands, Anderson said not to expect major changes to the iconic Mother Lode building, though he said they are looking into finding a way to allow tourists to walk through the church during daytime hours. ‘It’s a historical monument, so it should be opened to the public,’ Anderson said”.

  5. Cennydd13 says:

    And they’ll [i]need[/i] those tourist dollars in order to keep their doors open.

  6. Milton Finch says:

    The outside is supposed to depend on the church for help…not the other way around….if it has a message that actually means something.

  7. Richard A. Menees says:

    Word on the street is that this historic monument, which can’t be sold to just anyone, has 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars of deferred maintenance just to keep it from falling into the mineshaft over which it is built. The tiny knot of Episcopalians that may still want to call it home have never shown any ability to maintain it.

  8. David Wilson says:

    That is the story in Pittsburgh as well. They take our buildings and then install miniature congregations and staff them with p/t or retired clergy. The Anglicans who leave usually thrive.

  9. New Reformation Advocate says:

    I’m convinced that empty buildings are increasingly the new symbol of TEC. Those empty, forlorn buildings fittingly represent the emptiness of kind of religion now being pedalled by TEC.

    Moreover, it’s safe to predict that this sad trend is apt to continue and get worse for some time. Because for every church building vacated by biblically faithful Anglicans and taken over by TEC as a result of scandalously unjust lawsuits, there are several more churches where the congregation has simply withered away and swidled to virtually nothing. The graying of TEC continues relentlessly. So one way or another, empty churches are the sad new symbol that perfectly illustrates the grim future of TEC.

    Ichabod. The Glory has departed.

    David Handy+