(ENS) Four Midwest TEC dioceses announce joint ministry school

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9 comments on “(ENS) Four Midwest TEC dioceses announce joint ministry school

  1. APB says:

    They mention that this is an extention of an exisiting program of the Diocese of Kansas. Any info on the slant of the exiting school on the Lib/Trad axis?

  2. APB says:

    “exiting school” >> “existing school”

  3. Cennydd13 says:

    And another seminary to promote and teach the New Theology.

  4. Charles says:

    I can’t answer your question directly, APB, but I’m beginning as a 1st year student (tomorrow, actually) and the first year course descriptions as well as the required book list is very similar to what I experienced at an undergraduate Biblical Studies major at a Southern Baptist institution (with the exception of Anglican-specific things). I can’t speak for the actual content of the courses as I haven’t experienced it yet.

  5. APB says:

    4. Keep us informed, and good luck with your studies.

  6. tjmcmahon says:

    With 2 of the 4 diocesans having voted to desecrate marriage in A049, and KJS herself showing up to get the ball rolling in the right direction, I am not sanguine about the future of this project, since clearly the intentions of TEC in regards to clergy training are clear at this point. Still, Charles, we will pray for you that you survive with your faith intact.

  7. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Always good to have the Dean of the Good Samaritan School of Theology show up to validate the new thang (c). She’s such a stellar performer and preacher with a sure touch at postmodernistic re-interpretation of Scripture! Why, since she’s noted that St Paul missed the blessing of the demon possession, she’s sure to set the place on fire… .

  8. tjmcmahon says:

    Since her debacle in Ecuador, I think the bean counters at 815 have put the “PB ghost sermon writer” line item back on the HR director’s budget. Her last note to the church was much more in the Frank Griswold mold- strings of ecclesiastic terms strung together in such a way as to mean whatever you want them to mean.

  9. Cennydd13 says:

    Which could run the gamut from wishful thinking to idealistic baloney.