Jack Estes Continues the Bakersfield Californian TEC–Anglican Debate

It is not enough to claim “We say the Nicene Creed every Sunday” as evidence of Christian belief. One must ask the deeper question, “What exactly do you mean by the words you are reciting?” Episcopalians have embraced the postmodern spirit of the age in an attempt to be relevant to the culture. In doing so they have changed the core beliefs of Christian faith at the very roots. This revision then becomes a pseudo Christianity, which is radically opposed to the original. The two cannot be reconciled by simply saying, “Let’s all be friends.” We no longer worship the same God.

As Anglicans, we are unwilling to compromise the traditional expression of Christian faith. When we separated from the Episcopal Church, Bishop Schofield freely gave deeds to the properties of all churches which wished to remain Episcopal. Four months later those same churches joined together in a lawsuit to take all the Anglican properties as well. All attempts to find an amicable settlement have been rebuffed by the Episcopal Church.

What does it mean to be a Christian?

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5 comments on “Jack Estes Continues the Bakersfield Californian TEC–Anglican Debate

  1. sophy0075 says:

    This should be placed in newspapers around the country, in full-paged ads. There would be a lot of false Christians who would be exposed as not true believers.

  2. Cennydd13 says:

    The problem is one of finding enough Religion Page editors who’d be interested in printing it.

  3. Michael+ says:

    Jack has always been a clear communicator; and, by the way, a fine priest.

  4. Nikolaus says:

    Sadly for me it appears that the majority of the text has been blocked.

  5. Cennydd13 says:

    But, of course, most newspapers would be only too happy to either run with such a story as a public service (?) or they’d be glad to run with it for the money they’d get.