(RNS Pr) Episcopal Church executive launches new book on leadership

Interested in church leadership? In changing not only conversation in our culture, but the way we converse? Ever wonder why changing leaders or programs often does not change results?

Episcopal Church executive Dr. Kay Collier McLaughlin has the answers and she’s sharing them in her new book, Becoming the Transformative Church.

“In all human relationships, from family to friendships to organizations, there is one thing that matters,” said McLaughlin, “and that how one person’s behavior impacts another. When all of the foundational theories and all of the advice books are culled down to the most basic issue, it all has to do with how we treat each other. Not how we think we treat each other. Not how we mean to treat each other. But how the other party or parties experience our behavior.”
– See more at: http://pressreleases.religionnews.com/2013/10/08/bluegrass-church-executive-launches-new-book-leadership/#sthash.4lLqjVqO.dpuf

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4 comments on “(RNS Pr) Episcopal Church executive launches new book on leadership

  1. David Wilson says:

    I am suspicious of anyone with her church credentials writing on leadership and Stacy Sauls endorsing this book is a death knell for me. If you buy a copy of it Kendall I’ll read when you are done with it but I think my book allowance will be allocated for other authors writing on leadership, John Maxwell, Carl George, Bob Logan and Rick Warren all come to mind

  2. Luke says:

    I knew Kay C McL long ago in the days when I was on the Executive Council of DioLex under +Wimberly and +Sauls, prior to our departure and our establishment of our ACNA parish.
    She has followed Sauls’ and Schorri’s party line right down to the cracks in the foundation.

  3. David Keller says:

    Someone at 815 writing a book on leadership is a little like Lt. Calley writing a book on the Law of Land Warfare. Or maybe George Custer on Humility.

  4. Ralinda says:

    It’s like going to a 4 time divorcee for marriage counseling!