(Journal-Star) Retired Bishop Keith Ackerman returns to central Illinois

Bishop Vicar of Quincy Keith Ackerman once again lit up smiles of parishioners at Christ Church Limestone where he performed service Sunday morning.

Ackerman, the retired eighth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy for the Anglican Church in North America, came back to the Hanna City church after current Bishop Juan Alberto Morales of Quincy asked him to return to the area for a diocene convention.

Ackerman spoke about the importance of giving thanks to God, family and friends.

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3 comments on “(Journal-Star) Retired Bishop Keith Ackerman returns to central Illinois

  1. MichaelA says:

    Good to hear that +Bishop Keith is still ministering. One of four bishops who had the courage to take their dioceses out of TEC.

  2. Charles52 says:

    If memory serves, Bp. Ackerman was serving the folks of St. Timothy’s, Fort Worth who didn’t go to the Ordinariate. He may still be.

  3. Adam 12 says:

    Yes I believe he is not headed toward the Ordinariate.