Andrew Symes–GAFCON II Monday 21st October

We’ve found already just in the first half day how many people from around the world appreciate this website, but also how many are not aware of the material that is available to help resist the tide of pansexualism. Other ministries being displayed range from mission and evangelism, relief and development, and theological education.

One such ministry is BUILD, a programme developed by the Church of Uganda over the past decade. This provides biblically faithful training for local clergy and lay ministers in the midst of the ministry they are already doing. The programme takes them through a series of modules which participants complete in groups and on their own, that systematically build biblical knowledge, practical skills and godly character, in a way that enables them to equip others ”“ so it has a multiplying effect. Hundreds have so far been trained in this way at comparatively low cost. The church is beginning to share the programme with neighbouring Anglican Provinces. Canon Stephen Kewaza has been leading the programme from the COU education department. More can be found on . Over the next few days I hope to feature more ministries like this from the global south….
Recently retired Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen, the secretary for GAFCON 2, had to briefly fight back tears as was overwhelmed by the reality of the fulfillment of months of hard work and preparation. A list of countries represented was read out, which included Bermuda, Burundi, Fiji, Argentina, Gambia, India, Iran, Mauritius, Myanmar, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Singapore, South Sudan, Uganda, Germany, Sierra Leone and many others. Why are we here? Jensen asked, and said that the structures of the old communion could not contain the new wine of today’s confessing Anglicans. Our task is repentance from “captivity to the world”, and recovery of the true Gospel which leads to transformation. “We are here to support each other especially where there is false teaching in the church, and where there is poverty and persecution.”

Jensen explained that a drafting committee will work on communiqué and statement to be read out at the end of the conference. But a word of warning: “We can plan a conference, but what is God’s plan? What is he going to do? Something different and unusual? How will God manifest his glory here?”

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