(NY Times Beliefs) An Ex-Mouseketeer’s Journey Back to Christianity From Paganism

…Teo Bishop, while keeping up a career in pop music, accomplished something less predictable and altogether curiouser. Beginning about three years ago, he began a rise to prominence in the Pagan community. Then, last month, he shocked the Pagan community by re-embracing Christianity.

“I’m overwhelmed with thoughts of Jesus,” Mr. Bishop wrote on Oct. 13, on his blog, Bishop in the Grove. “Jesus and God and Christianity and the Lord’s Prayer and compassion and forgiveness and hope. … I don’t know what to do with all of this.”

For American Pagans, Mr. Bishop’s defecting to a big, bad mainstream religion is bigger news than winning a Grammy, bigger than shooting a Vanity Fair cover. If you’re a Druid, a Wiccan or any of the nature-religion followers grouped under the label Pagan, you’re not talking about Britney, JT or Xtina. You’re talking Teo Bishop.

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One comment on “(NY Times Beliefs) An Ex-Mouseketeer’s Journey Back to Christianity From Paganism

  1. montanan says:

    An interesting story. Complicated and not wholly satisfactory, but interesting nevertheless. I’m intrigued that “his husband” suggested the initial exploration of druid religion and that “a homeless woman” gave him the blessing which started the process of filling his head with ideas of Christ. I wonder how that plays out. I pray his heart is fully given over to Christ and his mind hears clearly what Christ says … as I pray for myself and my community.