(Anglican Ink) Gavin Ashenden–The reality of the demonic

As the Church of England debates whether or not it should be specific about rejecting the devil at baptism I joined the debate by writing an article for the Church Times.

I wrote to try to convince people that the devil existed.

At one level, ”˜professionally’ one might say, that a rather stupid thing to do.
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2 comments on “(Anglican Ink) Gavin Ashenden–The reality of the demonic

  1. Jill Woodliff says:

    God bless Gavin.[blockquote]The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. [i]1 John 3:8b[/i][/blockquote]When clergy deny the existence of the devil, they saw off the limb on which they are sitting.
    Through the years, different Christians have confided to my husband and me the sightings of angels. Once during a one day fast for the nation of Honduras, I received two mental images that I believe to be demons. I have heard visual descriptions of demons seen in prayer sessions from two very sane and down-to-earth friends that lead holy lives.
    Simply put, different people are born with different spiritual gifts. The gift of seeing into spiritual realms is an uncommon gift.
    My husband’s family had a housekeeper who refused to believe that man had set foot on the moon. I would encourage Christians not to deny a well documented spiritual reality because it is beyond your personal experience.

  2. David Keller says:

    My proof, if I needed it at all, is what ALWAYS happens before and during a Cursillo weekend. All of the staff and candidates are inundated with problems and issues which could keep them away. I have been on 10 Cursillo staffs and there is always something that comes up, not just for me but for everyone, that works to keep them away or distracted. It is so pervasive and common that it can only be attributed to the evil one. The flip side is I have also seen proof of angels’ presence on more than one occasion, and have had experiences which can only be attributed to the physical presence of (1) the Holy Spirit and (2) the living person of Jesus. I guess the lesson is overcoming the devil’s junk is worth the effort. That’s a good life lesson!